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Vanlirious Oneshot, The Big Question
Okay so an extremely big thanks to :iconLoveAllTheYaoi: for allowing me to use one of the prompts they made. I'm using number 25, rings. This is just a quick oneshot in Delirious' POV, I hope you enjoy!
I fiddled with my tie in the mirror and took a deep breath. 'It'll be fine. Stay calm. Everything will be okay.' I thought to myself as I clutched the small box in my hand. I walked out of the washroom and back to my table that my love was sitting at. I smiled as he ran a hand through his spiky black hair before smiling back at me. I had already made up my mind. I loved him and I was going to marry him. I sat down and took a sip of the wine that had been set out at the table.
"You still haven't told me why we're here." Evan said as he swished his wine in his glass before sipping it. I smiled slightly.
"I already told you, it's a surprise. Besides, we can't go out to a fancy restaurant every once in a while?" I said setting my glass down. Evan looked down.
"I guess, but I always figured
:iconstellardivine:Stellardivine 31 33
Tumblr dump 2 by ChloesImagination Tumblr dump 2 :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 176 52
H2OVanoss / Vanolirious - Hickeys
I giggled slightly as Evan pushed me onto the couch, hovering over me. I stared up at him as he stared back; my mask having been thrown to the side. Evan smiled mischievously before lunging down and attacking my neck. 
I gasped as his teeth grazed my neck, followed by his tongue gently licking the spot. He continue the action in a few more spots before he bit down harder on a certain spot. I yelped quietly followed by a moan as he assaulted the spot with licks and nips. Evan pulled away, admiring his handiwork as I'm sure a bruise was now forming there. He grinned and kissed me passionately, holding us there with our lips locked for a good while.
I was out of breath and panting once he pulled away. Evan gazed at me, our faces a mere few inches apart. "I love you Jonathan." He whispered.
I smiled and pecked his lips. "I love you too, now get off." I commanded, pushing on his chest lightly. He groaned jokingly and swung his head back. "I don't wanna mom." He whined before heaving hi
:iconladyprussiahellsong:LadyPrussiaHellsong 181 48
|Creepypasta Comic| Is That Yours? by 0ktavian |Creepypasta Comic| Is That Yours? :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 495 102 Detention Pictures Jacksepticeye by ChloesImagination Detention Pictures Jacksepticeye :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 275 8 Quick Phan comic: Rain by ChloesImagination Quick Phan comic: Rain :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 284 17 Anti webcomic cover by ChloesImagination Anti webcomic cover :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 206 17 Ticci Toby by BleedingHeartworks Ticci Toby :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 2,357 110
Regarding #nohomo and Propositions: I'm Sorry.
(The assholes part was more aimed at Wattpad, and not DeviantArt. But, I still have seen some people be dicks on here, so I decided not to remove it)
Let me give you the low down, here.
Life has been confusing and hard, lately. But that's not my excuse.
Writing, is very hard for me now. Everything I've written in the last three months, I've deleted it half-way through production. What I'm saying is, that I don't have any faith in what I write. Everything I write, I can't help but think it is terrible and worthless.
Honestly, and sadly, I don't believe this story is gonna get a update. I'm not saying it won't.. But, its a very slim chance that it will. 
To everyone that supported this story: Thank you. I love you so much. I hope you are having a great day, and I'm sorry I'm disappointing you. Lots of you guys sent me uplifting messages/comments, and every single message/comment means the world to me. You people are sweethearts, and you deserve to find 20 dollars on the ground. Or a
:iconshippingtrash:shippingtrash 4 12
#nohomo part 2 (h2ovanoss)
Vanoss slowly woke up from his sleep. He yawned and stretched. 
When he heard a grumble behind him, he almost screamed but he quickly realised it was Delirous. He forgot that they slept together. 
'..Wait are we spooning?'
He looked over his shoulder, they were indeed spooning. 
'Wait, why am I the small spoon?!'
Vanoss was more concerned about the fact that he was the small spoon then the spooning in the first place.
He must have grumbled on accident because he could hear Delirious waking up with a yawn. 
"..Are we spooning?"
Jonathan whispered it, but he could still hear it clearly. 
"Yep, I believe so."
Evan could feel Delirious jolt, then could hear a loud 'thunk'.
Vanoss started laughing hysterically and turned over to where his head was hanging off the bed. He starred down at Jonathan, which was laying on his back with a grumpy expressions.
"Scare ya?"
"Your a fucking dick." Jonathan and Vanoss laughed.
"But, okay, back to the main subject, why were we sp
:iconshippingtrash:shippingtrash 94 69
[FNAF]: Five Innocent Souls by BleedingHeartworks
Mature content
[FNAF]: Five Innocent Souls :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 1,336 89
Baby - FNAF Sister location by WalkingMelonsAAA Baby - FNAF Sister location :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 4,701 229
A Glitch? -H2OVanoss
Evan's POV
As I look out through my shades at the sunset I sigh and relax. It's really never this quiet in Los Santos since my friends and I fuck shit up everyday.
I put my hands in my pockets feeling a small pistol, with a silencer of course. The wind running through my hair and the sun lazily heating my face I stand motionless.
Taking my hand out of my pocket I adjust my red jacket feeling the generally cold and smooth leather. I suddenly and silently move jumping from building to building. Only hearing the tap of my red sneakers against the concrete and the wind blowing by.
The sun sets, the darkness fills the sky and the lights come on. I quietly stop to see a silhouette of a person standing looking over the edge of a building.
As I move closer I see that he has brown hair blown by the wind and a hockey mask clutched in his left hand. Seeing the mask I immediately recognize who it is. I start to get curious since he's never this quiet.
I quickly sneak up behind him and skillfully g
:iconpuertoricochet:PuertoRicochet 76 14
Vanoss Sketches by TrueLoveStory Vanoss Sketches :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 19 0 NEKO+ Vanoss by SSSammyThree NEKO+ Vanoss :iconsssammythree:SSSammyThree 67 2 Vanoss w/ wings by CombobulatedDismay Vanoss w/ wings :iconcombobulateddismay:CombobulatedDismay 50 3


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just a glitch.
Hi.I am a dummy! 

Well this is an idea i got a while ago...
Just a little chibi, armless creature. Meow :3 

Let me know if i should draw more of these.:) (Smile) 
mountains in the distance.
hi guys. I really hope you like this..

It took me way longer to make than it should have...Sweating a little... 

But anyways. I hope you all have a nice day.:) (Smile) 
I'm Back!
Yay i'm back!I am a dummy! 
sorry for disappearing... Sweating a little... School's been burying me in homework..I think I've fainted. 

well... Here is my Oc Anna Malou.:) (Smile) 

First of, she is an cyborg...
when she died as a child a sientist used her body for his work and turned her into a  humanlike robot. He succeded, but she quickly gained consciousness, and fleed from the lab. the upper part of her face was never finnished and looks robottic. So dosen't like showing it to anyone other than her close friends. she usually hides it behind her hair.
She is an introvert, and because of this people usually tries to avoid or ignore her. she is a creative person and loves to sit by herself and draw her surroundings. she also loves to sing, but only does so when hanging out with her closest friends, like her best friend Marion or her girlfriend Kyu.

She is kind of shy and keeps a safe distance from big crowds of people for the fear of them attacking her. She has an explosive temper, and even though she looks weak you shouldn't mess with her, as she is pretty strong and fast. 
Her hair is white with a blue shine to it. She is pretty pale and have freckles on her cheeks. Her eyes are an deep blue, and glow in the dark.
Even though she is a cyborg she can feel diffrend emotions.

I hope you like her.w00t! 


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